Invitation and Location

The Serbian Society of Mechanics invites you to its 7th International Congress. The Congress will take place in Sremski Karlovci, a small town on the bank of the Danube river near the Novi Sad and national park of nature Fruška Gora. This venue is well-known as a historical center of Serbian culture, science and art. Beautiful surroundings of Fruška Gora, as well as a resort with numerous historical sites, museums, churches, monasteries and places with traditional food and wine make the town a very pleasant and interesting place. Congress sessions will be held in an oldest Serbian high school in the historical center of the town.


The increasing necessity to solve complex problems in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics requires the development of new ideas and innovative methods for providing solutions. The purpose of the Congress is to bring together the scientific communities of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in an effort to facilitate the exchange of ideas in topics of mutual interests and to serve as a platform for establishing links between research groups with complementary activities. The community of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics will benefit from this interaction, acquainting them with advanced methods which can highly assist in tackling complex mechanical problems.

Organizing Committee:


•    Mihailo Lazarević, president of SSM (University of Belgrade)
•    Srboljub Simić, (University of Novi Sad)

          Local Members:

 •    Damir Mađarević, secretary of SSM (University of Novi Sad)
•    Ivana Atanasovska, (Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts,Belgrade)
•    Anđelka Hedrih, (Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts,Belgrade)
•    Bojan  Jeremić,  University of Belgrade

International Scientfic Comittee:

Adhikari, S. (UK), Atanacković, T. (Serbia), Baleanu D. (Turkey), Bauer S. (Russia), Borovac, B. (Serbia), Bulatović, R. (Montenegro),Carpinteri A. (Italy), Chernousko F. (Russia), Charalambakis N. (Greece), Challamel, N. (France), Chen,W. (Hohai,China), Chow, Ch. (United States), Djordjević, V. (Serbia), Dolićanin, Ć., (Serbia), Dragović, V. (Serbia), Filipović, N. (Serbia), Frischmuth, K.(Germany), Gajić, B. (Serbia), Glavardanov, V. (Serbia), Golubović-Bugarski,V. (R. Srpska,BiH), Grillo A. (Italy), Hajdin, N. (Serbia), Hedrih (Stevanović), K. (Serbia), Igić, T. (Serbia), Jarić, J. (Serbia), Jovanović, B. (Serbia),Jovanović J. (Germany),  Katsikadelis, J. (Greece),  Kienzler, R. (Germany), Kojić, M. (Serbia), Kounadis, A. (Greece), Kozak D.(Croatia), Kraseilnikov P. (Russia), Kuzmanović, D. (Serbia),Lacarbonara W. (Italy), Lanusse P. (France), Lazarević, M. (Serbia), Marsavina L. (Romania), Melchior P. (France), Malti R. (France), Makris, N. (Greece), Maksimović, S. (Serbia), Manolis, G. (Greece), Maretić, R. (Serbia), Milosavljević, D. (Serbia), Mićunović, M. (Serbia), Mitrović, Z. (Serbia), Müller, I. (Germany), Nedeljković, M. (Serbia), Nigmatullin R. (Russia), Obradović, A. (Serbia), Pavlović, R. (Serbia), Polyzos, D. (Greece),Rakin M. (Serbia), Rega G. (Italia), Ruggeri T. (Italia),Rusov, S. (Serbia), Saccomandi,G.(Italy), Sedmak, A. (Serbia), Seyranian  A. (Russia), Simić, S. (Serbia), Shitikova M. (Russia), Spanos P. (USA), Soltakhanov,Sh. (Russia), Spasić, D.T. (Serbia), Stevanović, V. (Serbia), Sun, H.G.,(Hohai,China), Šumarac, D. (Serbia), Tenreiro Machado, J.A. (Portugal),Tikhonov, A.(Russia),Tucker, R. (England), Vignjević, R. (England),  Voronkova E. (Russia), Vrcelj Z. (Australia), Zarka, J. (France), Zeković, D. (Serbia),Zorica D. (Serbia)

Plenary Speakers:

  1. •    Walter Lacarbonara, DISG Dept Struct Geotech Eng   SAPIENZA University of Rome, Rome Italy   
  2. •    HongGuang Sun, Hohai University, Institute of Soft Matter Mechanics,Nanjing, China
  3. •    Georgia Karanasiou, Ins. of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Unit of Medical Technology and Intelligent Infor. Sys.,
  4.       University of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece
  5. •    Peter Ván, Ins. for Particle and Nuclear Physics, Wigner Research Centre for Physics,  HAS ,Budapest, Hungary
  6. •    Zdravko Terze, Faculty of Mech. Eng. and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, Zagreb,Croatia
  7. •    Dušan Zorica, Math. Ins.,Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences,Branch Novi Sad, Depart. of Physics, UNS,Novi  Sad
  8. •    Nemanja Zorić, Faculty of Mech. Eng.,Depart. of Mechanics, University of Belgrade
  9. •    Bojan Međo, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy,  Depart. of General Technical Sciences, University of Belgrade


•    Serbian Society of Mechanics (SSM)
with the support of
•    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade,
•    Serbian Academy of Sciences - branch in Novi Sad


The official languages of the Congress will be English. The papers and presentation should be written in English.